Saturday, January 07, 2006


It was raining heavily outside. Shikha was passifying her baby who was in deep sorrow caused due to the massive thunder and lightning outside. The baby was only 3 months old.
Shika did not know how she’s going to help the baby grow through the rest of their lives without any one’s support.
She felt desolated and totally distressed like how any other mother would feel in her situation. When the baby finished his milk he calmed down and without any compulsion he went to his dream land.
Now shika got lost in her past. The past which had made her come so far in life. The past she never ever imagined in her dreams.

So this was her 3rd pregnancy ever after she was pushed into this battle of life. With none of her previous pregnancies she had this kind of feeling for the foetus inside her than this one. She has some sense of belongingness for this baby inside her though she knew what the reality is. But never in her dreams did she imagine that she’ll be left alone with this baby in the world for them to survive. Life just went on smoothly till her 7th month. Not until then she knew what destiny was. The baby’s parents met with an accident and died on the spot.
Here is her fate, here is her fortune. She did not know what to do with the baby inside her.
May be she was destined to live for the baby. God has given a meaning to her life.
The baby, did not know how god has changed his story even before he’s born.
At least he’s got a mother now, though she’s a surrogate mother.


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