Saturday, January 07, 2006


Its been 4 1/2 yrs since i'm married and i think i'm now totally qualified to write an article exclusively about these poor fellows on earth, i mean husbands. oh my god!!! i feel they are the most unfortunate people on earth!!!!!!!!! surprised?? i mean r the reasons:

They r forced to mediate between their wives and mothers, whatever the cause and effect be. sometimes i remember my husband enacting all kind of smilies on his face when he's left to talk inbetween(hehhehe...........).

i know they must be tired of proving the world that they r the same even after marriage, but all in vain. bcos complaints keep coming up from everybody"he's changed a lot after marriage","he's always behind his wife", "he has nothing for his parents", etc etc......

i dont know if any other wife has experienced this... many of whom i know they always want their husbands to be the same, like.... how they were before marriage(especially when its love marriage), though sometimes they perfectly understand its too much to ask for. how can they be the same, when they know that they can not have any other girl(or woman) in their life(just kidding)..

i bet all the husbands in this world will be sick and tired of this question and answering them:
"how do i look today?", "do i look okay?","am i pretty?". Though the questions keep changing, dare they change the answer. It should always be"oh! u r gorgeous!!!, beautiful!!!, very lucky to have a wife like u".

these r the common differences i found in many couples:

1. he thinks i'm immatured- wife, she thinks i've become too matured-husband

2. dont flirt-wife, have i told this to her anytime-husband

3. what do i cook- wife, should i answer this everyday-husband

4.v need to go shoppin-wife, oh not again-husband

there r so many like these.
thats y its said"manaivi amaivathellaam, iraivan kodutha varam".
but i know what they must be thinking"y does god ever bless us?"

so u husbands out there and the husbands to be.. dont worry u have lots of company and lots more to come.

v cant help u because, u r destined to undergo all these.


At 6:57 AM, Blogger Prabhu said...

good one!
i esp liked " shud i tell u wat to cook everyday"
bayamaa thaan iruku ithellaam ninachaa :(

At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dai srikutty,
supera erukku...u know we are all poor husbands...konjam karunai kattu ma..keep writing


At 6:24 AM, Blogger sravan said...

aaha. konjam bayamathan iruku idhellam padicha apram. yosikka vendiyirukku niraya.

gud one, lol! :)

At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Nice post di... There are not many women who really analyse the problem married men face in life.. and that too... you have explained it with a comic sense...Gr8... I will be a regular from now on... keep posting....


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