Tuesday, July 11, 2006

came back a week bfore from US to fiji.. though a lot happy to c rajesh and to hand over the daughter to her dad, yet there is something thats been bothering me here....
guess i miss rajesh's family here..yaa rajesh's family.... to my surprise this time its his family i am missing terribly...
initially when i was thinking of visiting them heard my friends were surprised and were teasing me like "wat will u do there with them? they r not even ur family? how will u pass time??"
but i was not worried..i already blended well with them and yes v had a certain degree of understanding thats hard to c in families nowadays!! thank god!! v make a wonderful family....
had a great time there, loads of fun and yes it did good for the babies of the family too...they got to c their cousins... they didn't miss their silly fights and pushings and other stuff.. yet they were so cute!!! they r now like 3 little angels of the family!!
manni and i had lots to discuss..caught up on so many untold!!cant forget the way v use to laugh pulling each others legs.. I felt as if i am on a picnic with my friends . mil and fil were sweet too and had a nice was a nice break for them
v all missed rajesh and am sure he missed us too...
i owe a lot to each one of them, surely for their love and affection they showered on me and making me a part of this family !!!
these 3 months of my life will always b special .
i came back home with a heavy heart. but with loads n loads of good memories and stories to tell rajesh.


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