Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ananya's first day of school.

Ananya's going to school!! yes 31st july( rajesh's bday) was her first day of school.
yahoooooooooooooooooooo!!!! i've bcome the mom of a grown up kid..i wish i cud say that.. but there's more to it!! i've put her in a play school near by(walkable). this is a vvvvv small school with only 10 children and 2 teachers..v've enrolled her here so that she gets used to children and outsiders..but believe me it's not as easy as it sounds. she cried the first day and v thought she might b okay in a day or two..but this is her second week and still she cries.
The irony is, even i cried. I know, its hard to believe it . but yes, i cried that day when i came back home without her.Felt the house was so empty, lifeless without her. i ran back to school at 11.30 for which i was waiting...Is this motherhood?? donno for sure!! still rajesh's teasing me abt that..may b i might feel it funny when she grows up. but right now all i feel is i've left my angel amongst the cruel wicked cunning people..donno y??
i kept calling her school every 1hr..they said she's doing okay..i hope she gets used to it soon to remove those illogical thoughts from my mind....
one day when she grows up, when v'll have lots of stories to talk abt, when she'll ask me abt her childhood, then i will show her this blog. never know she might make fun of me, or think i am mad. but only i know how much i love her!!period.


At 6:26 AM, Blogger sravan said...

shez a cutie. she wil definitely kno n understand how much u luv her n d same wil b reciprocated. period!


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